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Is there a way to get around a hidden form name?

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I know that theres a reason the form name is hidden, which is to prevent bots from signing up etc.

However, all I am trying to do is make a program which will allow me to input my username and password for a fantasy football team, and have it bring up the site and sign me in. Eventually I want to do more teams than that (usually I have a few different fantasy sports teams a year), but right now I'm too inexperienced to worry about more than one.

Is there a way to get a script to enter text into an input box, without knowing the form name?

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I don't remember which pro it was but one of the MVP's posted something I made this from. GaryFrost I think?

#include <IE.au3>
#include <Inet.au3>

$URL = "entertheurl" ;Define Signon Forwarding Website
$ObjIE = ObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application") ;Open Forwarding Website

;Wait until Forwarding Website loads
With $ObjIE
    .Visible = False
    .Navigate ($URL)
    Until .ReadyState = 4
;Set Form Objects on Forwarding Website
With $ObjIE.document.forms (0)
    .username.value = "yada yada"
    .password.value = "yada yada"

If there is more than one form, and its not working, increase the form by 1 till it works

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