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IndexSource an Indexing Engine

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To run the program create an au3 file and use this code

ShellExecuteWait("IndexSource.exe", "save:"&FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir&'\index.txt')&" *+.*mp3 path:"&FileGetShortName(@MyDocumentsDir))

This will get all mp3 files out from @MyDocumentsDir and save a file in @ScriptDir&'\index.txt'

IndexSource.exe can be download in this post


Path to save use cmdline save:%shortpath1% save:%shortpath2% save:%shortpathx% (with filename)

Index path use cmdline path:%shortpath1% path:%shortpath2% path:%shortpathx% (without filename)

To use meta cmdline is meta:.*extension1\z meta:.*extension2\z meta:.*extensionx\z (meta will increase upto 1.5 to 4(6) times of overall indexing time depend on other index extension)

(now only support mp3 so donot put any other extension and work on xp/vista)

Donot want index some direction use - in front of it cmdline is -.*?inpath1.*? -.*?inpath2.*? -.*?inpathx.*? (Path)(Use when a path is found)(no tail-dash)

Only index direction use + in front of it cmdline is +.*?inpath1.*? +.*?inpath2.*? +.*?inpathx.*? (Path)(Use when a path is found)(no tail-dash)

Donot want index some filename/extension *- in front of it cmdline is *-.*?inname1.*? *-.*?inname2.*? *-.*?innamex.*? (Path+Filename)(Use when a file is found)

Only index filename/extension use *+ in front of it cmdline is *+.*?inname1.*? *+.*?inname2.*? *+.*?innamex.*? (Path+Filename)(Use when a file is found)

For meta + - *+ *- use normal Regexp rule so if it is a full path .*? is not needed

For extension use *+.*extension1\z *+.*extension2\z *+.*extensionx\z or *-.*extension1\z *-.*extension2\z *-.*extensionx\z

Remember + and - only apply for fullpath and *+ and *- only apply for fullpath with filename

+ - *+ *- and meta can be use together without a problem

If you arenot using shortpath try using "

If the save path files is exists the files will be delete and be replace by a new index files




If you use meta it will be





if + and - or *+ and *- is set as the same - or *- will take action

If no place is set for savepath when it done indexing the output willnot be sent out


c:\IndexSource.exe *-.*jp.*?g *-.*db -.*WINDOWS.* save:c:\indexfile.txt path:c:\

This will index in path c:\ and will not index folder that apart of it name have WINDOWS and it will not index .jpg .jpeg .db .jpxxxg files



ADDED indexing engine

ADDED + - *+ *-

ADDED meta

ADDED save

ADDED path


CONFIG 1.5 times faster for indexing time


If you use it in your programs no credit is needed but if you want to thanks a credit will be good

This Code Written By Athiwat Chunlakhan Athiwatc@Gmail.Com NON-OSS


Edited by athiwatc

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