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ok found whats is my problem with listbox and listview thats cause another trouble

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ok first i want to take a moment to say thank you for all great people thats have help me before


i have try to get text on whats i have think its an list box or listview and always cant get result but i found after that this is not a listbox or a listview but this cause another trouble

i try to use ControlGetText

but i get always an error and i have try with different program to see if its not about the program its self

here an example i have make with windows live messenger for example only

WinWaitActive("Windows Live Messenger")
dim $bbb
dim $i
Func Blah()
$i = 0
$bbb = ControlGetText ( "Windows Live Messenger","", "[Class:DirectUIHWND]" )
MsgBox("","", $bbb )
$i = $i 1
Until $i = 300

Its just a test i made on one program to see if its about the program but i think i made something incorrectly but cant find whats

And just for say no i dont try to make a spy soft its was only a test that i have just try after several test and because i have just made the test and have my script always open i take it in example and anyway if you look at messenger you will see its not a listbox or listview and does not look like this with this class and like i say before i am trying to get text for something that looks like a listbox or listview but its not that.

Thank you if anyone have an idea that can help me

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