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Need help with timed shutdown function

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Greetings AutoIT community.

I' ve made the most of a script, but I need to finish it off.

The part that I need to do is a part that takes consideration to the current time (Windows time) and then shuts down the computer at a specific time.

So am I suposed to use a very big sleep function? Or is there any smart way to do it?

Thanks very much

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You could:

A: Call shutdown.exe from the command line (XP)

;60 seconds

shutdown -t 60

B: Loop continuously in AutoIt until @HOUR AND @MIN match the desired shutdown time

$sHour = 10
$sMin = 30

Until @HOUR = $sHour AND @MIN = $sMin


C: Add a an entry to the task scheduler to perform shutdown at specified date / time


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