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read file to array

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I'm not sure I completely understood your fragmented description, but:

It will be many times faster if you work with the string and then put it in the array at the end:

#include <array.au3>

$sFile = "C:\Temp\Test.txt"
$sSearch = "SearchString" ; Something to look for
$sData = FileRead($sFile) ; Read file into a single string
$sData = StringTrimLeft($sData, StringInStr($sData, @CRLF, 0, 8) + 1) ; Remove first 8 lines
$sData = StringTrimRight($sData, StringLen($sData) - StringInStr($sData, $sSearch) + 1) ; Remove all after SearchString occurs
$avArray = StringSplit($sData, @CRLF) ; Create array from the remainder
_ArrayDisplay($avArray, "Debug: $avArray") ; Show results

If that's not what you are trying to do, take another shot at clearly explaining it.


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