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Online FPS Game Question

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Hey guys,

I have a question

in the game Americas Army,

its very realistic.

The recoil really messes me up so i was wondering if theres some kind of program autoit can make

that, when you shoot, and the recoil moves the gun, it will move my aim directly where i started

so when i shoot, it comes back...?

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Ok, I do not have anything to program here but I just want to shed some light on the subject.

In America's Army, which I've never played, I am sure you have different weapons with different rates of fire and types of recoil. One weapon, may for example shoot very slowly, but have a huge recoil and another weapon that is very light will have a tiny recoil.

So, the first job, is either determining the amount of recoil per weapon and the rate of fire for that weapon. After that, you will have to translate that information to an AutoIt script. Once the mouse button is clicked, the weapon in AA starts shooting. Since you have the rate of fire, you know exactly when to move the mouse down to null the recoil and because you know the amount of recoil from the currently selected weapon, you know how much to move the mouse down (or left or right).

There are also some random factors involved, such as the factor the weapon moves to the left or right with each recoil. Ofcourse, there are more factors to include here.

The best solution would be to somehow hack the game, to have no recoil. However, this goes beyond programming, and thus you will find no help on these forums.

I hope this helps,


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