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How to erase content of two dimentinal aray

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Yes it is me again, I am working all night to create for my boss script that supposed to be finished as for this morning ...:)

I have two dim array that populated many times with data. I need to erase it each time it populated with new serios of data.

According to the document it should be set to zero. but it is not working for me.

Global $aBSCData[2][12]

I am erasing it this way:


What's wrong with that?

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I tried this, and it seemed to work in my case.

global $aBSCData[2][12]
for $icc = 1 to 11
$aBSCData[0][$icc] = $icc
$aBSCData[1][$icc] = $icc
$aBSCData= 0
_ArrayDisplay($aBSCData);<===Will not display if $aBSCData is not an array

It isn't by chance that you are missing the $ in front of $aBSCData= 0

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Look at this example:

Dim $array[1] = ["TEST"]

$array[0] = "Change element"

ConsoleWrite("Element 0: " & $array[0] & @CRLF)

Dim $array[1]

ConsoleWrite("Element 0: " & $array[0])

Redim is nondestructive if you are increasing the size of the array.

Dim will destroy the array, regardless of how many dimensions there are.

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