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TimeInit() and TimeDiff()

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include <GUIConstants.au3>

$hWnd = GUICreate("Lure", 200, 70, 100, 84)
$Data = GUICtrlCreateLabel("data", 24, 8, 212, 113)

While 1

; this function animate the data for me
; i wanted to make it a bit random/unpreadictable
Func _AnimateData($iFreq,$iFreqSpread,$control)
GUICtrlSetData($control,'weq dsa'&@LF&'1 3'&@LF&'.,; )()')
GUICtrlSetData($control,'qwe tre'&@LF&'2 3'&@LF&'#$% %^&')
GUICtrlSetData($control,'zxx sod'&@LF&'3 3'&@LF&'*&% !@#')

; this one pretend to be function intercepting data
; from the extended control
; (some other process which runs at the pc)
Func _GetData()
$avResult = StringSplit(GUICtrlRead($Data),@LF)
ConsoleWrite('- avResult[2]: '&$avResult[2]&@CRLF)
Return $avResult[2]

now, how to measure time difference between points where data at the $avResult[2] change?

you may not believe me but i am strugling this since like two hours... this is no joke lol.

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thanks for reply but this is not what i ment to do, my bad.

my aim is to make stand-alone function to measure how much time it takes for data to change at $avResult[2].

lets say i can do nothing about _AnimateData() function, there is no way to me to change the code.

im interested only on how much time last $avResult[2]='1 3' / $avResult[2]='2 3' / $avResult[2]='3 3'.

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