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Runescape Auto Miner

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hey im trying to make a runescape bot but i am having a few problems

i am trying to click on a pixel and then wait till it changes and then click on another pixel and restart the whole process.

How can i do that?

also i dont get the pixelsearch coords thing the left top bottom and right coords could someone explain that plz

is the left a Y coord?

thx in advance


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You need a lot of help.

Let's see...

While 1
  $firstColor = PixelGetColor($xCoord,$yCoord)
  MouseClick($xCoord,$yCoord)  ;click a pixel
  Until PixelGetColor($xCoord,$yCoord) <> $firstColor  ;wait till it changes
  MouseClick($xCoord2,$yCoord2)  ;click another pixel
WEnd  ;repeat the process indefinitely

PixelSearch searches between left and right on the x-axis and between bottom and top on the y-axis

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con can you upload up your auto miner bot??

I need a bot who work in yanille mining.

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