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key stroke recognition

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is there a way to write a scipt that waits for the key stroke : ctrl+alt+y to be pressed in any window, and then activate the rest of the script?

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Just use HotKeySet() ....

that was the expert talking so u better take his words for it -- Jos has helped me a lot

here's an example of what u want

#include <guiconstants.au3>
; === no tray icon ====
TraySetState  (2)
 ; ==== the hotkey set  ====
HotKeySet ("^!y","activate")
; ======== creating the GUI =======
$the_GUI = GUICreate ("Test" , 150 , 80)
; =========== Create the buttons  ===============
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Button" , 20 , 10 , 100, 25)
$exit = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Exit" , 20 , 45 , 100, 25)
; ====== setting the GUI state  =========
GUISetState (@SW_HIDE, $the_GUI)

; ====== looping  ==============
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg ()
    ; ========= this event is for closing the program  ========
    If $msg = $gui_event_close Then Exit
    ; ==== buttons events  ======
        Case $msg = $exit
        Case $msg = $button
            MsgBox (-1 , "test" , " this is a test")

Func activate()
    GUISetState (@SW_SHOW, $the_GUI)

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