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Creating overlapping pictures is causing a bug

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I am making a card game and in the script several card images overlap... this causes a problem with the pictures blending...

I have included a simple script that demonstrates the problem: Problem.zip

EDIT: See next post for solution

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Hello Piano_Man!

I created the blank pictures before the GuiSetState() and then used GuiCtrlSetImage()

Sorry if my advise is stupid, you try this?:

GuiCreate('Testing', 190, 125)

$x = 10

For $index = 1 to 7 
    GuiCtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & '\c' & $index & '.jpg', $x, 15, 71, 96)
    $x += 16


While 1 
    Switch GuiGetMsg() 
        Case -3 


Edited by rasim

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