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Restarting a While Loop (problem solved)

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Anyone know how to do this? Or perhaps there is another solution. Here's my code..I'll try and downsize it a bit.

While 1;main loop
    if 1 Then;condition removed for reproducer
        $DOS = InputBox("Enter data","Enter data::",""," ",-1,120);take in input
        if @error=1 Then; @error=1 means the cancel button was pressed
            MsgBox(48,"Action cancelled","Exiting program")
            ExitLoop;######I would prefer the program go back to the beginning of the loop here instead###
    ;below code commented out for reproducer
    ;Function called here
    ;Select;some functions and whatnot
    ;Case GUICtrlRead($rad1) = $GUI_CHECKED
    ;Case GUICtrlRead($rad2) = $GUI_CHECKED
    ;Case GUICtrlRead($rad3) = $GUI_CHECKED

You can run that if you'd like. You see it just keeps running in a loop until canceled. Instead, when testing for @error, I want it to go back to the beginning of the While loop.

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