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Problem with InetGet() function

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Hi all.

Sorry for my bad english, I'am french.

I have a problem with the function InetGet(), the file is downloaded, but to 99%, the download stops and only after many seconds the file is completly downloaded.

As if InetGet() block, and then resumed later. I don't know if it comes from me or it is a bug. Can you help me ?

Here's the code:

$size = InetGetSize($File)

ProgressOn ( "Downloading " & $File, "0% downloaded" , $size & " bytes remaining" )

InetGet($File,@DesktopDir & "\autoit-v3.2.10.0-rc-setup.exe",1,1)

While @InetGetActive
    ProgressSet( $Percent,$Remain & " bytes remaining", $Percent & "% downloaded")


MsgBox(0,"Download complete",@DesktopDir & "\autoit-v3.2.10.0-rc-setup.exe")

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I ran it a couple of times and it worked for me just fine. No delays. I'm not sure, but maybe your antivirus software is checking the file at that point???


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