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UDF format?

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Where do I find the UDF comment requirements, to post a UDF?

I remember there was a preferred layout somewhere.

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Get Beta versions Here Get latest SciTE editor Here AutoIt 1-2-3 by Valuater - A great starting point.

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That may get changed at a future date, not high on priority.

Currently I use the following format:

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _Iif
; Description ...: Perform a boolean test within an expression.
; Syntax.........: _Iif($fTest, $vTrueVal, $vFalseVal)
; Parameters ....: $fTest     - Boolean test.
;                  $vTrueVal  - Value to return if $fTest is true.
;                  $vFalseVal - Value to return if $fTest is false.
; Return values .: True         - $vTrueVal
;                  False        - $vFalseVal
; Author ........: Dale (Klaatu) Thompson
; Modified.......:
; Remarks .......:
; Related .......:
; Link ..........;
; Example .......; Yes
; ===============================================================================================================================

The above format allows me to process the include files with a script that creates the templates for the help file.

If you even get it close to that, it would be easy to correct/fix, cuts down on the work/mistakes in creating the help file.

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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Thanks guys, I am thinking that I do not want to submit this as a UDF to be included with autoit, due to the fact that it references a website that can change or go down. I posted The UDF in the examples forum instead of submitting, but I still wanted to stick with a universal format.

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