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A.S.E. - Advanced Script Editor - A small scritp editor with a toolbox

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I'm cleaning out my projects folder....

As long as you load a small script it works fine, but if you load a script that is too big it won't let you use the edit box. Not too sure how to add a Rich text box to it. Made it for the toolbox but soon learned I couldn't go without the syntax highlighting....

DOWNLOAD ZIP: http://h1.ripway.com/DBak/ASE.zip (295kb~) Contains Compiled and soucre

Posted Image

Does some pretty cool things like check to see if the include files exist, reads off the your functions and puts them in a treeview with the requested parameters, and lists all the includes you used in a tree view.

I probabbly won't finish it due to the edit box problem but it has lots of useful code, and some helpful functions...


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You can bypass the 30000 character limit on an edit box with this: _GUICtrlEdit_SetLimitText($Edit, 100000000).


You forgot to put an underscore under these functions:

LINE: 102 - _GUICtrlEditReplaceSel TO _GUICtrlEdit_ReplaceSel

And some more but I have to go.

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Well boo hoo. Stay in the stone age then. And as far as I can see, this isn't AMP3...

Your right its not AMP 3 but its made on the same computer...

Soon I'll update the AutoIT on my laptop... that way I can keep up.

Why not use the SciLexer.dll? That would make it good!

Well If someone could help me with it I would. I looked at the other script that used it and I didn't really understand it that well... Edited by DBak

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