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problem with my FTPDelDirRecursive function

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First, Sorry for my bad english, I'm french.

I have write a function who delete all files and directory in a specified directory on FTP server.

But I have a problem, the loop don't work, Can you look my code ?

Code :

#include "ftp3.au3"

$server = 'my_ftp_server'
$username = 'my_username'
$pass = 'my_password'
$ftp_main_dir = '/exemple/'
$ftp_file_mask = '*.*'

$dllhandle = DllOpen('wininet.dll')
$Open = _FTPOpen('MyFTP Control')
If @error Then MsgBox(0, "error", "Open")
$Conn = _FTPConnect($Open, $server, $username, $pass)
If @error Then MsgBox(0, "error", "Connect")

Func FTPDelDirRecurse($ftp_dir)

        Dim $Handle
        Dim $DllRect
        Local $FileInfo = _FtpFileFindFirst($Conn, $ftp_dir & $ftp_file_mask, $Handle, $DllRect)
        If $FileInfo[0] Then
;~         If current is directory
                If $FileInfo[1] == 16 And $FileInfo[10] <> "." And $FileInfo[10] <> ".." Then ; dir attrib = 16
                    MsgBox(0, "Current dir", $FileInfo[10])
                    Local $i = $ftp_dir & $FileInfo[10] & "/"
;~     If current is file
                If $FileInfo[1] == 128 Then ; file attrib = 128
                    MsgBox(0, "Current file", $FileInfo[10])
                    _FTPDelFile($Conn, $ftp_dir & $FileInfo[10])
                $FileInfo = _FtpFileFindNext($Handle, $DllRect)
            Until Not $FileInfo[0]   
        _FtpFileFindClose($Handle, $DllRect)
EndFunc ;==> FTPDelDirRecurse
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Don't use DIM anywhere anymore. Declare explicitly for Global or Local. Specifically, change DIM to Local inside your function. I can't test, so I don't know if that impacts your function, but it stood out.

Also, everything your function needs from the global environment should be passed to it, not read from Global variables. You should pass $Conn and $ftp_file_mask as parameters (re-passing them in the recursive calls).

Third, is the mask "*.*" appropriate for what you want? I would have expected just "*" for FTP.

Hope that helps.


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