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Can AutoIt read at invervals?

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Can you make AutoIt read at 5 character invervals?


H = 00001

Y = 00101

E = 11101

So, 000011110100101 would equal HEY. Because it read the first 5 numbers: 00001 = H......and so on. Can it do this?

Sorry for all the questions,


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Yeah you can... I'll give you some hints so you can try to make it yourself. You should make function A using "While...Wend" loop, "Stringlen()", "Stringleft()", "StringTrimLeft()" to read 5 characters at time. Then you should make another function with "Switch...Case...EndSwitch" to check which letter the characters from A equals to.

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Dim $KeysAndCodes[3][2] = [[ "00001", "H" ], ["00101", "Y" ], ["11101", "E" ]]
Global $text
$code = "000011110100101"

For $1 = 1 To StringLen($code) Step + 5
    $5nrs = StringMid($code, $1, 5)
    $text &= _GetMacthforKey($5nrs)
Func _GetMacthforKey($numbers)
    For $1 = 0 To UBound($KeysAndCodes, 1) - 1
        If $numbers = $KeysAndCodes[$1][0] Then Return $KeysAndCodes[$1][1]
EndFunc   ;==>_GetMacthforKey

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