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help needed _IE support

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I'v worte the following code:

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate ("c:\0522554720.htm",0,0)

;$p=_IEPropertyGet ($oIE,"addressbar")
;$i=_IEPropertyGet ($oIE,"height")

_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"height",400)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"addressbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"left",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"menubar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"statusbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"toolbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"top",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE,"width",200)

how can i show the html page after all this changes are done? if i put on visible (1) it shows regular size and only then changes it.


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