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test if firefox is open

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Happy new year!!

I am french, sorry for my bad english.

I am very new to this autoit tool, how can i test if firefox is open.

I try to create a script to automate to ccleaner (A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines).

The software does not work if firefox is opened.

I would like to test if Firefox is opened before running ccleaner.

If firefox is opened, I want to close it.

I tested the following commands:

If WinActive("Mozilla") then

WinClose ("Mozilla")


That does'nt work.

Can you help me ?


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Firstly, are you using AutoIt2? AutoIt3 is alot better and if you are then you are posting in the wrong forum!

Try this:

While 1
If ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then

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