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Screen Save Program

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I have been trying to make a screen save that moves an image around the screen.

I got a basic one from code that has been posted on the forums and come up with 2 problems/questions.

#1 how can I get the GUIGetMsg() to read all inputs as this on;y works with the mouse move and the <Esc> key right now.

#2 Is there any way to get this program to work on multi monitors as it only works on the primary display right now.

#include <guiconstants.au3>

Global $IMAGE_HSPEED = 1
Global $IMAGE_VSPEED = 1
Global $IMAGE_X     = 25
Global $IMAGE_Y     = 25
Global Const $IMAGE_WIDTH = 200
Global Const $IMAGE_HEIGHT = 100
Global Const $MAX_X       = @DesktopWidth
Global Const $MAX_Y       = @DesktopHeight
GLobal Const $MIN_X       = 0
Global Const $MIN_Y       = 0
GUICreate("", @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0, 0, $WS_POPUP)
Global $IMAGE = GUICtrlCreatePic("logo.jpg", $IMAGE_X, $IMAGE_Y, $IMAGE_WIDTH, $IMAGE_HEIGHT)
while (GUIGetMsg() = 0)
    ControlMove("", "", $IMAGE, $IMAGE_X, $IMAGE_Y)

Func UpdateSprites()
    if ($IMAGE_X >= ($MAX_X-$IMAGE_WIDTH)) Then $IMAGE_HSPEED *= -1
    if ($IMAGE_X <= ($MIN_X)) Then $IMAGE_HSPEED *= -1
    if ($IMAGE_Y >= ($MAX_Y-$IMAGE_HEIGHT)) Then $IMAGE_VSPEED *= -1
    if ($IMAGE_Y <= ($MIN_Y)) Then $IMAGE_VSPEED *= -1


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