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USB Copying/Moving scripts

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Hi, I am looking for Autoit scripts which can move some data/music files from our desktop drives to connected USB devices.

Pls help me on the same


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Check this out. Modify it to your needs.


$FolderToCopy=FileSelectFolder("Please select the folder you wish to send to all removable devices",@HomeDrive)

For $i=1 To $RemovableDrives[0]
    If $RemovableDrives[$i]="a:" Then ContinueLoop;A: is the floppy.
    MsgBox(0,"","Copying " & $FolderToCopy & " to " & StringUpper($RemovableDrives[$i])&"\"&$Dirname[$Dirname[0]])


This will copy a directory to all removable devices (except floppy).

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