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Guest itdsys

Switch to Admin User context

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Guest itdsys

We use a regular account for day to day operations, and have admin accounts for security functions (same log in with "adm" suffix). I got bothered by logging completely off (the run as... feature does not work on Windows Explorer) so I found a method on the internet for switching user context by closing the explorer process and reopening it. I then programmed that method into the attached script.

Change "OurDomain" to your domain name. I have found it VERY handy.

Tested on W2K and XP.

If anyone can tell me why ProcessClose("explorer.exe") doesn't work the second time around on an XP -- I would greatly appreciate it.



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Security issues. ProcessClose cannot close a process from another user with the same security as the original user. See the following metaphor:

x is run by user

x kills explorer that was started by user

x runs explorer with admin rights

x kills trys to kill explorer admin with user rights

can't possibly work.

What you can do is rerun your script in admin rights, then run explorer and kill explorer from your script in admin rights.

Who else would I be?

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