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Reading data to dynamic arrays ?

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I've a spreadsheet (not excel) with 8 rows and 30 cols, where the rows can be dynamic.

This data I write from the spreadsheet file into a csv. Thats OK!

In AutoIT I want to use the data from the csv-file in different listviews and other controlls.

I thought the best would be read the data with stringsplit into different arrays.

something like $aRow1, $aRow2, $aRow3, ......

So if I want to use the data I know it is $aRow11[16].

I though I can do it in a for loop, but $aRow &i do'nt work.

DIM $aRow1, $aRow2, $aRow3 .... seems not to be good because I don't know how much rows.

Array into array seems also not to be a good solution, because I need different data by rows and cols.

I think to dim a multi array maybe a little bit to much for such few data, but I'm not sure.

Perhaps someone can give a hint, how to solve it.

Thanks in advance, Reinhard

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This will read a csv into a listview.

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Dim $csvArray

;Read CSV to array
_FileReadToArray("Book1.csv", $csvArray)

;Replace all commas with pipe symbols
For $X = 1 to $csvArray[0]
    $csvArray[$X] = StringReplace($csvArray[$X],",", "|")

GUICreate("CSV Listview",220,250, 100,200)

;Use first row as header
$listview = GUICtrlCreateListView ($csvArray[1],10,10,200,150);,$LVS_SORTDESCENDING)

;Create all listview items
For $X = 2 to $csvArray[0]


  $msg = GUIGetMsg ()
Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE



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Thanks for the qucik answer and code.

I thought to store the data first in an array as central data storage, because only some data are needed for the listview. Some goes into different input boxes for editing, some only labels, some into a dropdownbox, .....

That are product master file data (for only some few products). Some data in the first listview (ProdId, ProdName, Total Sales) and at the botton some Inputboxes for editing, e.g. Productgroup, security data, storage code ... prefilled with data from the first and renewed with a click on a listview item.

However, maybe I store it all in the listview and then hide some cols, so I have a central data storage.

Best regards, Reinhard

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