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DLLCall for network connection ?

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I want to open the default network connection window and want to know if it's possible by calling a *.dll function.

So, please, is there somebody who knows the way to do it ?

If you don't know what I mean, here is a similar example:

Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü = Properties of Taskbar and Start Menu

; Schnellstartleiste anzeigen.
Run('rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 1')
WinWait('Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü', 'Taskleiste')
WinSetState('Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü', 'Taskleiste', @SW_HIDE)
ControlClick('Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü', 'Taskleiste', 'Button5')
;ControlClick('Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü', 'Taskleiste', 'Button12')
;ControlClick('Eigenschaften von Taskleiste und Startmenü', 'Taskleiste', 'Button11')

I would be very delighted if sombody knows the solution ! :D



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This is nearly what I am searching for, thank you very much, rover !

Excuse my bad explanation, but I ment the 'window' below ...


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a WMI script call to 'Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface' will give you almost all the info on that dialog.

try the 'scriptomatic' tool on the forum

searching the forum for 'network connection' will bring up some examples of automating the dialogs

searching google for a dll solution brought up these results:

apparently there is a problem with displaying that dialog outside of explorer process.

How do I display "Local Area Connection Status" dialog programmatically?


Programmatically launch Network Connection Status


'runmenu' program referenced in above link available here


MSDN: Displaying and Changing Properties



more rundll32 commands here.

Dx21 | RunDLL32 Reference


I see fascists...

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