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Delete blank lines within Files / _ArrayPop update issue

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Hi all,

my problem is that I will catch some .ini files and each line in the files ends up with an CR+LF. (This ensures that the Delimiter will work line by line]

This as has result that the the combined .ini file has all entries (e.g. 3 entries but 4 lines, or 10 entries but 11 lines and the last line is always empty).

When I do a _FileReadToArray the last array field will be EMPTY.

When I run the _ArrayPop to remove this entry -> the entry is gone. so far so good.

BUT the stupid Index $Array[0] is not updated with the new value ;) (eg. Index before 4 should be now 3 but it remains with 4)

This will kill the whole programm.

So I am looking for one of 2 possible solutions.

1. Get rid of the last line before it goes to the array


2. _ArrayPop and then UPDATE the stupid Index

For both ways I was looking for a solution but can not find.

Any ideas (or alternate solutions)?

Suggestions extremley welcome :P

Thanks in advance

mslabrat :D

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