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Dividing a picture into a grid

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Hi guys,

I need some help in dividing a picture into a grid of about 100 x 100 but im not actually sure how to do it using autoit, i dont want the picture to be seperated i just need a grid to be drawn onto the picture.

I'll be using it to help my program be used on different resolution windows/screens e.g.

$size = WinGetClientSize("")

$2x = $size[0] / 2
$2y = $size[1] / 2


Instead of the static version:


If anyone knows any other way of making positions on the screen more dynamic so it would suit any resolution it would be appriciated, thanks.

Also, is there anyway of keeping the window title and border out of the WinGetClientSize figures?

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Above? You mean on-top, like a layer?

AutoIt has a Z-Index when drawing controls. Just place the labels above the picture control. You can create the grid dynamically, just search for grid. No doubt you will find a few methods.

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