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Event Monitoring with AutoIt?

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I was wondering if AutoIt has the ability to send an email or a page based on a specific event trigger? If so, are there any examples of emailing and event monitoring that I can look at?

The event triggers I was thinking about are either monitoring for a window (based on the title) to popup or if possible, have the Autoit script read a log file at a set interval (every minute), if say the last line of the log file matched a certian case, then AutoIt would copy the last line and email or send it via a page (pager).

Does all this make sense?

Again, if there are any examples or functions that I should be looking at, please point me in that direction.

Thanks for your time,


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Try using functions like: WinWait, WinWaitActive, WinWaitClose or WinExists. Search them in the helpfile for more details.

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