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Selecting the "Local" disk drive (C:)

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i was hoping that someone can help me with this.

My script works like this.

Using keystroke, it goes to the "OPEN" file/folder to select the "license key"

The license key must be located in "C:" drive ( E.g "C:\XX Licenses)

Its based on "keystrokes" if i put "L" which is the shortcut for "Local disk(C:)" from the "Look in" dropdown box, it'll select that and my script would continue on further and it would work

However if the "Local disk(C:)" is change to anything else, it doesn't work and my script would fail.

So the question is, Does anyone know how can i select "C:" regardless of the name?

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So you want the systemdrive? Then use EnvGet() to get the value from the system environmental variable %SYSTEMDRIVE%.


Now you can use $SYSTEMDRIVE. In theory, I am not sure exactly of why your script is failing with your given description. If your using FileOpenDialog(), then it should have a parameter for initial directory.


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