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Can't get my Alt Hotkeyset right

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G'day everyone

I'm trying to create a shortcut key for two letters, by using the AltGr or Right Alt key plus a letter, but the script has no effect on the default behaviour of those keys. Here's the code:

HotKeySet("{RALT}o", "osmall")
HotKeySet("+{RALT}o", "obig")
HotKeySet("{RALT}e", "esmall")
HotKeySet("+{RALT}e", "ebig")

While 1

Func osmall()
Send ("ɔ")

Func obig()
Send ("Ɔ")

Func esmall()
Send ("ɛ")

Func ebig()
Send ("Ɛ")

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, please?



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From the helpfile for HotKeySet

The following hotkeys cannot be set:

Ctrl+Alt+Delete It is reserved by Windows

F12 It is also reserved by Windows, according to its API.

NumPad's Enter Key Instead, use {Enter} which captures both Enter keys on the keyboard.

Win+B,D,E,F,L,M,R,U; and Win+Shift+M These are built-in Windows shortcuts. Note: Win+B and Win+L might only be reserved on Windows XP and above.

Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win These are the modifier keys themselves!

Other Any global hotkeys a user has defined using third-party software, any combos of two or more "base keys" such as '{F1}{F2}', and any keys of the form '{LALT}' or '{ALTDOWN}'.


I guess that would mean that {RALT} can not be used either ....

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