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Wherever a function does a disk read such as with FileExists, it takes a while, and I often will use a Sleep(1300) or something after such a call. Try to see if you can repeat a function that does a disk read or write, less often than twice a second.

Also, I heard it helps to make your main loop smaller by using functions to contain all the code to for instance, build a GUI, and call that function from the loop:

Case $msg = $name
Bert can tell you more about the applicability of the Canon here.

Also if "sound.wav" is a big file, see it you can make it smaller.

We don't have the code to "billy.exe" and that might be the culprit, but right after you first launch it, since this script is starting up at the same time, I would put in a Sleep(1800) or something like that.

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