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I can't get this Array problems solved...

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please help me with this:

#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>
Dim $E[500]
Dim $EREZ[500]
Dim $EREZ1[500]
Dim $EREZ2[500]
_FileReadToArray("c:\erez1.txt", $E)
$ttt = UBound($E)
MsgBox(0, "this is ubound", $ttt)
Dim $EREZ1[500]
Dim $EREZ[500]
Dim $EREZ2[500]
_FileReadToArray("c:\erez1.txt", $EREZ)
$E1 = _ArraySearch($EREZ, "Switch Name:", 0, 0, 1, 1)
MsgBox(0, "this is $E1", $E1)
For $b = 0 To 16
    _ArraySwap($EREZ[$E1 + $b], $EREZ1[$b + 1])
For $b = 16 To 24
    If $E1 + 16 + ($b - 5) > $ttt Then ExitLoop
    _ArraySwap($EREZ[$E1 + 16 + ($b - 5)], $EREZ1[$b + 2])
For $b = 24 To 31
    If $E1 + 16 + ($b + 6) > $ttt Then ExitLoop
    _ArraySwap($EREZ[$E1 + 16 + ($b + 6)], $EREZ1[$b + 3])

I am having problems, I need this to run even if the Array dimensions are exceeded. meaning this line not working:

if $E1+16+($b-5) > $ttt then ExitLoop


if $E1 + 16 + ($b + 6) > $ttt Then ExitLoop

Attached file erez1.txt that is being used here.

look at the error on the console, I can't pass by it even if those lines are there in there in the For-Next.

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UBound returns the NUMBER of elements, meaning it's always one greater than the last element.

So, your error prevention code should be:

if $E1+16+($b-5) >= $ttt then ExitLoop
if $E1 + 16 + ($b + 6) >= $ttt Then ExitLoop

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