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may a toolbar clip images of any dimensions?

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have you tried make a "simple" toolbar (with 3.2.10) with your proper


I don't find out where there might be a restriction,

but a bmp of any resolution and dimensions get cropped (right + bottom)

on a toolbar button. I have tried to set the size of the buttons, the size of the bitmaps

and set it as autosize. Setting the button size seems not having an effect on it (?).

For example:

Just make a small red bmp, (ex.: 24 x 22 pixels, res: 72 ppp) with black borders and

save it with 16 bits depth

Func _TypoPalette_Create()
    $Palette_GUI = GUICreate("Paleta", 200, 100, -1, -1)
    GUISetBkColor(0xa2a2a2, $Palette_GUI)
;WinSetOnTop($Palette_GUI, "", 1)
    $Typo_Toolbar = _GUICtrlToolbar_Create ($Palette_GUI);, $BTNS_AUTOSIZE)
;_GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonWidth($Typo_Toolbar, 30, 32)
;_GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonSize($Typo_Toolbar, 36, 38)
    _GUICtrlToolbar_SetBitmapSize($Typo_Toolbar, 48, 46)
    $Image1 = _GUICtrlToolbar_LoadBitmap($Typo_Toolbar, @ScriptDir & "\Res\Negrita.bmp")
    $Image2 = _GUICtrlToolbar_LoadBitmap($Typo_Toolbar, @ScriptDir & "\Res\proba.bmp")
    _GUICtrlToolbar_AddButton ($Typo_Toolbar, $idNegr, 0, 0, $BTNS_CHECK)
    _GUICtrlToolbar_AddButton ($Typo_Toolbar, $idCurs, 1, 0, $BTNS_CHECK)

If you need more, I will put it.



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Try using an image list with the buttons instead of directly loading the images.

Also look at the examples in the

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


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It works with an image list.

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