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_StringStartsWith, _StringEndsWith

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These two functions can be found in the string class in C#. I found them very useful for parsing things like constants, single line(and multiline) comments, etc. I noticed nobody has written these two functions yet, so I decided to. These two functions simply check if the input string starts with the search string and can also check if the input string ends with the search string.

You can download the main header file here:


and an example for each of the functions here:



Also, here is a "real world" example of analysing basic C styled code using these functions.

#include "StringStart.au3"

Local $sCode = "#include <iostream> " & @CRLF & "#include <windows.h>" & @CRLF & @CRLF & "int main(int argc, char* argv[])" & @CRLF & "{" & @CRLF
$sCode &= "    //This is a comment," & @CRLF & "    //that runs onto another line, that is also a comment." & @CRLF
$sCode &= "}"

Local $aResults = _ParseLines($sCode)

MsgBox(0, "Results:", "Bracket Lines: " & $aResults[0] & @CRLF & "Comment Lines: " & $aResults[1])

Func _ParseLines($szData)
    Local $aiCounts[2] = [0, 0]
    Local $asLines = StringSplit($szData, @CRLF)
    For $i =  1 to $asLines[0]
        $asLines[$i] = StringStripWS($asLines[$i], BitOR(1, 2))
        if ( (_StringStartsWith($asLines[$i], "{") or _StringStartsWith($asLines[$i], "}")) and (_StringEndsWith($asLines[$i], "{") or _StringEndsWith($asLines[$i], "}")) ) Then
            $aiCounts[0] += 1
        Elseif (_StringStartsWith($asLines[$i], "//")) Then
            $aiCounts[1] += 1
    return $aiCounts
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