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Hi all :) !

I'm trying to make a program with downloads links ...

And I'm using a .txt file to save the links. The program reads a line from the

file, donwloads the link, and deletes de line. But I want to make the program

save the links in the proper program. I mean, to save the links in the .exe .

Its possible ? :)

While the program is running you can save the data to memory by storing it in a variable.

However, once the program is no longer running, a file or database of some kind must be available for the data.

If there are a limited number of entries 10-20 and the changes are not coming too quickly, I would probably use the correct path in the Windows Registry.

Of course you can continue to write the data to a text based file, however you don't need to name the file with a .txt extension. In truth, you can name it with any extension that you wish to use for your application. I suggest you don't use a common one reserved for other apps, but even that would work.

Lastly, if you chose to have a database running with your program, that would be an option, but based on what you are saying it seems to be overkill.

If you have further questions could you please either post some code or let everyone know how many file writes we are talking about?

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