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So I'm writing a little script that will press the roll button in the game progress quest until the stats are higher or equal to what you choose.

Problem I'm having is with the do-until loop.

Right now it looks like:

Until _IsPressed("09",$dllUser32) Or ($str >= $strWant)

First I click the roll button, then I get the values from the game window, then I show the values on my GUI

and finally I check if the total amount of stats is enough to stop rolling.

Problem is it always stop.

The values seem to be fetched correctly from the game because if I change the >= to a == it will continue rolling until the str stat is exactly the limit.

Why doesn't >= work? :/

Right now it just checks for str but obviously it's supposed to check all stats when I get it working. Attached the script to the post.

If you need ProgressQuest it can be found on http://www.progressquest.com/dl.php doesn't need to be installed it's just an .exe


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Good Luck getting help, bots are frowned on here, I only assume its a bot because you say its for a game


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If you'd played Progress Quest you'd know it's pretty impossible to make a bot to automate it further...

You don't actually do anything in the game you just turn it on and let it run.

What this script is supposed to do is help with the character creation where you roll your stats by pressing a button.

It can get a bit tiresome rolling again and again till you get some stats you like.

I guess this might be gray-zone for some people but for me this is nowhere close to what's considered botting in games :/

Anyway I found the problem. I was comparing the return of ControlGetText() which is text with a number which resulted in the >= making no sense. Number(ControlGetText()) solved the problem.

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