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how can i play sound using BASS.DLL

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hi all

im not really good in writing a dll udf

maybe someone can help me in how i could use the BASS.DLL to play sound files ??


;; bass DLL from http://us2.un4seen.com/files/bass23.zip
;; http://www.un4seen.com/ 

Global Const $BASS_MUSIC_LOOP = 4 ; loop music

$BASS = DllOpen(@ScriptDir & "\bass.dll")

;$fName = (@ScriptDir & "\test.mp3")
$fName = DllStructCreate(@ScriptDir & "\Test.mp3")

; sample should be :: 

    HSTREAM BASS_StreamCreateFile(
    BOOL mem,
    void *file,
    DWORD offset,
    DWORD length,
    DWORD flags

; HSTREAM stream=BASS_StreamCreateFile(FALSE,"afile.mp3",0,0,0);
$handle = DllCall($BASS, "dword", "BASS_StreamCreateFile", _
        "int", False, _ ; from file .
        "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($fName), _ ;file
        "dword", 0, _   ;offset
        "dword", 0, _   ;length
        "dword", 0) ;flag

MsgBox(0, "stream create ", $handle)

BOOL BASS_ChannelPlay(
    DWORD handle,
    BOOL restart

$ret = DllCall($BASS, "dword", "BASS_ChannelPlay", "dword", $handle, "int", False)

MsgBox(0, "BASS_ChannelPlay", $ret)

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