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Computer Lock

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I made this script because I was bored.

(it's funny how many posts start like that)

All you have to do is run the lock and type the password you want. The lockstart is there in case someone just restarts the computer.

To run :

Download the source files and compile lockstart first. Then you can compile lock computer.

Couldnt compile it and post it because of new upload extention restrictions

Edit : Made a little correction in Lock computers exit func, If it messed you up just start in safe mode (if you remember the pass the you can do it in normal mode) and go to your startup dir and delete the lock file



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Too weak. I workarounded that in about 1 minute!

The only really annoying stuff is that it locks "Program manager" and after deleting the file in the startup folder I had to reboot.

I think that the main problem is that it does not actually locks the start menu, so calling a console window is very easy.

When you have a open (and usable) console nothing can actually stops you :idiot: .

Pslist + Pskill and the 'lock' is over.

Of couse knowing the source I could also using Autoit to renable Program manager, but I tried to act as a clueless user.

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I wrote something like this awhile back (I havent fully finished it yet)

My version starts when windows loads by a registry value in Run and dose the samething urs does adcept mine has a huge GUI involved !

- It has a simple custom menu (Kinda like something ud see in a gameboy game)

- It has alot of moving/sliding/fading graphics

I never finished it coz I moved on to something else ! and there were a few things that I just couldnt figure out how to do !

I like ur prog but ezzetabi is write u need to disable the Start menu and alot of other things thing too!

Anyways I have some UDFS here u may find helpfull

I just include this script in the top of my script and call the functions when needed !

Func Refresh()

Func Disable_TaskMgr()

Func Disable_CMD()

Func Disable_Run()

Func Disable_Desktop()

Func Disable_Start()
   Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
   ControlDisable("classname=DV2ControlHost", "", "Button1")
   ControlHide("classname=DV2ControlHost", "", "DesktopSFTBarHost2")

Func Enable_TaskMgr()

Func Enable_CMD()

Func Enable_Run()

Func Enable_Desktop()

Func Enable_Start()
   Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
   ControlEnable("classname=DV2ControlHost", "", "Button1")
   ControlShow("classname=DV2ControlHost", "", "DesktopSFTBarHost2")

One thing about Disable_Start() it dosent remove the windows shadowing effects so if ur press the winkey ull still see a shadow !

That was one thing I couldnt work out how to disable, maby ull figure out an easy way to turn it off!

Enjoy :idiot:

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