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Count files for a given date

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I would like write an autoit script to search thought a directory tree for all the files that were modified in a given date range and count this numbers of files.

Right now my mine is drawing big blank can anyone help me?



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You will first need a recursive _FileListToArray function. You will gather an array of all files first, then populate a secondary array after looping through said list.

Find a decent _FileListToArray function here:


#include <array.au3>
    #Include <Date.au3>
    #Include "RecursiveFileSearch.au3"

    $Array = RecursiveFileSearch(@MyDocumentsDir, "","", 1, true)
    Dim $NewArray[$Array[0]]
    $nextElement = 1
    For $X = 1 to $Array[0]
        $timeArray = FileGetTime($Array[$X],0,0)
        $timeString = $timeArray[0] & "/" & $timeArray[1] & "/" & $timeArray[2] & " " & $timeArray[3] & ":" & $timeArray[4] & ":" & $timeArray[5] 

        ;Add files to new array between December 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007
        If _DateDiff( 'd',"2007/12/01 00:00:00",$timeString) > 0 AND _DateDiff( 'd',"2007/12/31",$timeString) < 0 Then
            $NewArray[$nextElement] = $Array[$X]
            $NewArray[0] += 1
            $nextElement += 1

    Redim $NewArray[$nextElement]

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