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Tricky one

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Have been trying to figure out how to read data from

a specified window. Everything works great until you

mess with the tabs. If you click on anytab the syslistview32"1" will

change instance, between 2-5. If you click for example on the last tab (5), and then

the first tab (1) the syslistview will remain syslistview325.

Tried to fetch data from syslistview32"2-5", but it didn't work.

My current workaround isn't satisfying. I'm using controlcommand to

tableft till tab1 and then restart the program to reset the listview to


Any idea?

The current code.

$title = "[REGEXPTITLE:Torrent.\d+.*$]"
$listcontrol = "[CLASSNN:SysListView321]"

$hWnd = ControlGetHandle( $title, "", $listcontrol )
$header_hWnd = _GUICtrlListView_GetHeader($hWnd)

$FindTN = _GUICtrlListView_FindInText($HWND, $READRSS)
$TEST = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($HWND, $FindTN)
$ccount = ControlListView("[REGEXPTITLE:Torrent.\d+.*$]", "", "SysListView321", "GetSubItemCount")
$icount = ControlListView("[REGEXPTITLE:Torrent.\d+.*$]", "", "SysListView321", "GetItemCount")

Dim $listarray[$ccount][$icount+1]
For $c = 0 To $ccount-1
    $listarray[$c][0] = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($header_hWnd, $c)
   $Countmore = $icount - $FindTN
   For $i = $FindTN To $icount-$Countmore
        $itemtext = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($hWnd, $i, $c)
        $listarray[$c][$i+1] = $itemtext
For $c = 0 To $ccount-1
    For $i = 0 To $icount-1
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