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Trouble with large file compares

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Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to look at my issue.

I am trying to compare 2 files and they are approximately 1/4 GB in size each (used as a dataset for testing tape data restores). All I need to know is if the files are identical, I don't need to know what the differences are between the files just if they are the same or not. I know about the winmerge and windiff but I need to do this within the running script and send the match/no match results to another function in the script.

Any way, I am currently doing an FC via comspec and its allright but can be very slow if large files don't match (because FC wants to list all the mismatches which is slow).

I tried to put the file into 2 arrays and then compare the arrays but then the system complains (throws an error) about memory usage.

Any ideas would help a lot. I have been through the forums but found little info.


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Did you try:

If FileGetSize("FileLocationName") == FileGetSize("FileLocationName") Then
    MsgBox(64, "Info", "Files are identical")
    MsgBox(64, "Info", "Files are not identical")

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