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SWF to GIF Coverter

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SWF to GIF Converter

Since every is getting more and more into Flash / YouTube etc.

So am I. Recenctly I had to convert an AVI to FLV format. And I stumbled upon some other candy.

Here it is :

This example converts all SWF files in the folder into GIF image files
; Copy this script to the folder with SWF flash movies and run it
; Script will generate GIF image files using extracted frames from SWF

$SWFToImage = ObjCreate("SWFToImage.SWFToImageObject")

$SWFToImage.InitLibrary ("demo", "demo")

Dim $WshShell, $fs, $f, $fc, $f1, $tsFile

$WshShell = ObjCreate("WScript.Shell")

$sCurrentFolder = $WshShell.CurrentDirectory

$fs = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
$f = $fs.GetFolder($sCurrentFolder) ; current directory
$fc = $f.Files
$fs = ""

; converting SWF files to GIF image files

For $f1 in $fc
    if StringUpper(StringRight($, 3)) = "SWF" then 

    $SWFToImage.InputSWFFileName = $
    $SWFToImage.FrameIndex = 1 ; number of frame to extract
    $SWFToImage.ImageOutputType = 2 ; set output image type to Jpeg (0 = BMP, 1 = JPG, 2=GIF)

    $SWFToImage.SaveToFile ($ & ".gif")

$SWFToImage = ""

This uses the SWFToImage Object.

Which has a good helpfile enclosed when you install it.

Also the free SWF Printer is great stuff.

Enjoy !!



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Sound cool ptrex...I'm wondering, what's next! ;)

BTW, thanks for the link, SWF printer is great !! :)

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AUTOIT[sup] I'm lovin' it![/sup]

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