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Very often i see messages e.g. "I kill program from task manager, but icon of this program still showed in system tray. How can clear taskbar from icons of killed app.`s?" And i have written this script:

#include <WinAPI.au3>

$hTaskBar = _WinAPI_FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", "")
$hParent  = ControlGetHandle($hTaskBar, "", "TrayNotifyWnd1")
$hWnd     = ControlGetHandle($hParent, "", "ToolbarWindow321")

$WinRect  = _WinAPI_GetWindowRect($hWnd)

$aMousePos = MouseGetPos()

$Left  = DllStructGetData($WinRect, "Left")
$Right = DllStructGetData($WinRect, "Right")
$Top   = DllStructGetData($WinRect, "Top")

For $i = $Left To $Right
    MouseMove($i, $Top, 0)

MouseMove($aMousePos[0], $aMousePos[1], 0)


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I haven't tried the script yet, but does it move the cursor towards the 'dead' icon, to clear the icon?

Yes :)

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