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AutoIT Script and Nagios: How to enable an echo answer?

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i have a little script which does some tests and then return the results to nagios.

Nagios is waiting for an exit code to decide if a result status is ok, critical or in a warning state.

That works well.

But it is also possible that nagios receives a "echo" answer together with the exit code, so that you can see the answer in the nagios web interface.

Here is an example batch file:

@echo OK: Everything is going to be fine.
@exit 0

When a nagios check call this script, i receive a green "ok" answer with the text "Everythin is going to be fine."

My little test script looks like this:

$ip = IniRead ("scriptconfig.ini", "IP", "IP", "")
$check = ping ($ip)
if $check = 0 Then
    exit (2)
    exit (0)

You see, i get the correct error code but i don't know how to set an answer for nagios.

RunWait (@COMSPEC & " /c echo Ping ok") does not work.

I hope someone can help me.


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Hi SpecialK,

use a consolewrite() before your exit()

Just tested this out and works like a charm! :)



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