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Brain problems

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Guest taskforce_inc

the following script is in AutoHotKey, so I am sorry for posting this on the wrong site, but I searched long and hard and could find the forum for AutoHotKey, a link to that would be helpful.

I have have this problem with the following script, no errors or issues really, but I want the Item in the right listbox to be printed to the Edit box when double clicked, I have tried for 2 weeks to get this to happen and nothing!. Another issue I have is developing a system for the test outout Text box(Also, can that be a var.?)

the system is as follows

Char Radio | Mood DropdownList | Command from Edit box = response to test ouput

Ku + 01 + A = Ku01A

Sa + 02 + B = Sa02B

Ka + 03 + C = Ka03C

char radio is which character is selected, mood is item on drop downlist(01 = first item on list, 02 = second item, etc.) and Command is what command was selected via being typed into the Edit box or being double clicked from the command list and inserted into the Edit box(A= first item on list, B=second item on list, etc.)

How should I go about making this system of responses to be displayed to the test output text box(if it can be a var) I really want to write it in the most effective way considering I know this is going to be a very long script and I dont want it any bigger than it has to be.

The Code is Attached, and is in a .txt format.

Sorry again for posting non Autoit script


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