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CustomDialog Udf

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I sampled some dialogs that I offen use - well included some not so offen used but anyway I don't have to write these again,

Most have an option include sidepanel graphics, optional animated .gifs supported - needs component Gif89.Gif89...

_AboutBox - Simple Aboutbox dialog with option to include sidepanel graphics and include homepage/topics control...

_CustomBox - Messagebox with unlimited custom text controls - option to display sidepanel graphics...

_LicenseBox - Simple License agreement dialog with option to display toppanel graphics...

_RadioBox - Plain Radio control dialog - Unlimited dialogs ( no graphics )...

_ComboBox - Plain dialog with a combo - Option to display side panel graphics...

_TextBox - Plain textbox with option to display sidepanel graphics...

_ColorPick - Extended colorpickdialog with option to use graphics as spectrum palette...

_HotSpotBox - Display a picture with unlimited custom defined hotspots ( controls ) needs JSDraw.Ops component...

_PickIconDialog - shell32.dll, pick an icon dialog...

_ShellAboutDialog - shell32.dll, display common OS information...

_RestartDialog - Shell32.dll - well all know this dialog ( beaware that it's function alright )

_EmptyRecycleBin ( no intuition ) just empty trashcan with different options...

Documentation in autoit3 style supported - all dialogs is in msg blocking mode - feel free to expand the library...

Download from site:

kjactive :)

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Very nice!

I haven't run any yet, but did look through your documentation/screenshots (which is also well done).

I've always liked most of the things you've put together and decided to share, so now is a good time to thank you for all of them :)

Edit: spelling

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Thanks for the nice words - well words.au3 is one of my libraries and I did miss to remove that from the final CustomDialog library...

Please download ones more or remove the line #include <Words.au3> - it serve no purpose other than in testing state...

Feel free to expand the library - would be nice with a huge collection of custom made dialogs library, drop me a line with new source and I'll attach it and write documentation...


kjactive :)

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Nice UDFs, especialy _ShellAboutDialog() and _RestartDialog() :)

You could add _FileSelectFolder(), _FileOpen/SaveDialog(), _MsgBox(), and also i have made recently a custom MsgBox that handles known bug(?) with child activation issue, and there is a hWnd option as well.

btw, what app you are using to make the documentation stuff?

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