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Knowing if a new process starts

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I am attempting to put together something that would know if a new process starts. One problem is that I can't know ahead of time how many processes will be running and the array is going out of bounds.

Any ideas on how to handle this?

; List all processes

$list = ProcessList()


While $temp<10





Func CheckProcesses()


for $i = 1 to $currentProcesses[0][0]

; if Not $list[$i][0] == null

If Not($currentProcesses[$i][0] == $list[$i][0]) Then ; check to see if saved processes are different

msgbox(0, "",$list[$i][0] & "is different")





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Check out _ArrayAdd in the help file, I use it all the time :)

Edit: Now I see where your problem is, it's in the beginning of your for loop, here's how it should look

For $i=1 To $currentProcesses[0][0]-1
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Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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