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How do I draw a thin horizontal line

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I want a simple window with two 'status' labels seperated by a thin line

$hWnd   = GUICreate ($program, 390, 94, -1, -1)
$label1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Initialising", 12, 13, 380)
$group1 = GUICtrlCreateGroup ("", 4, 37, 378, 8)
$label2 = GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Reading INI file - " & $iniFile, 12, 60, 380)

By experimentation I found that a group box, with no text, of height 8 worked on my OS and screen resolution but doesn't on other machines. I had expected that maybe a group box with height 0 or 1 might work, but 0 thru 7 didn't but surprisingly 8 did. I realise that this can't be the right way to do it. Sorry if it's obvious, I've searched the help and the forums.

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Thanks guys, both these 'work' on my machine


From a purists point of view which is the right way of producing a thin, sunken horizontal line like Windows apps have above and below the menus?

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