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Array of arrays returned by StringRegExp

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StringRegExp with flag 4 gives me an array of arrays but how we can get values ?

he an exemple :

consolewrite($array[0][1]);==> here it gives me error (array dimension)

[b]Flag 4[/b] :[i]Return an array of arrays containing global matches including the full match (Perl / PHP style)[/i].

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This way:

;create Array
Dim $a[2]= [1,2]

;Array of Arrays
Dim $b[3]
$b[0] = $a

Get Array in single Variable to use it:
$c = $b[0]

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so it is impossible without creating an other variable ? :D


Working with nested arrays requires reading them out to a variable first. AutoIt has no provision for addressing elements in nested arrays.

$array = StringRegExp("blabla10%##;blaba20{;blabal50#;blabla", "(\d+).*?;", 4)
ConsoleWrite("Debug: $array has " & UBound($array) & " entries." & @LF)
For $a = 0 To UBound($array) - 1
    $Temp = $array[$a]
    If IsArray($Temp) Then
        ConsoleWrite("Debug: " & $a & ": $Temp has " & UBound($Temp) & " entries." & @LF)
        For $n = 0 To UBound($Temp) - 1
            ConsoleWrite("Debug: " & @TAB & "[" & $n & "] = " & $Temp[$n] & @LF)


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