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PixelCoordMode Pixelsearch problem

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WinMove ( "GAMES", "", 0, 0 , 210, 330, 20)

ControlMove("GAMeS", "", "[CLASS:MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX; INSTANCE:1]", 0, 0, 160, 120)

AutoItSetOption ( "Pixelcoordmode" , 2 ) ;1=absolute, 0=relative, 2=client

$lifecheck = PixelSearch( 46, 3, 48, 8, 0xFFFFFF, 1)

While not @error


$lifecheck = PixelSearch( 46, 3, 48, 8, 0xFFFFFF, 1) ;;; redefine them according to client mode


msgbox (4096, "pixelsearch", "full healed" )

so i make it search for WHITE at where my life bar is... i'm fully healed when there is no more white.... but for some reason it always think im fully healed...aka no white no matter what.

when i use the autoit function... this is supposed to make my pixelsearch function click only in the Client window right?

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I would suggest to try with PixelGetColor ( x , y ) what you get back as color for the points you want to investigate.

for $x=46 to 48
   for $y=3 to 8
        consolewrite(hex(pixelgetcolor($x,$y)) & ";")
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I just posted something here that might help you:


While 1
    For $Line = 1 To 300 ;length of the scan line in pixels
        If PixelGetColor($InitialPosition + $Line, 345) < 14777215 Then ;you've hit the color range you are after                           
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