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Multiple tooltips.

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For a program I wrote a single mouse-over isn't enough anymore. I need to display multiple lines of information on different locations on the screen. Obviously, when ToolTip() is called multiple times, each previous tooltip is removed from the screen. Thus, is there a way to do this, using tooltips or any other method?

Creating very small windows doesn't do it, as they pose two problems: 1) they hinder operation of the software where the tooltip is shown (with a tooltip mouse clicks aren't affected, with windows a mouse click will activate the software and bring the small windows to the background. 2) they are too big because of the title bar.


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The only thing I can think of is creating multiple GUI's and hide them. Then call ToolTip() on the hidden windows.

But I didn't test that. Maybe it works, probably it doesn't...

ToolTip() goes per GUI and not per AU3??? Then how does it know which one? With GUISwitch()? I'll try that later (no time right now).


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here is an old snippet I found on the German forum:

$tool1 = _ToolTip("Test", 50, 50)
$tool2 = _ToolTip("Test2", 90, 90)
_ToolTipDelete($tool1, 1);Ausblenden und dann schließen
_ToolTipDelete($tool2);Hart schlißen

Func _ToolTip($sText, $iX, $iY)
   ;By GtaSpider
    Local $RetAr[2]
   ;Mainfenster erstellen
    $tooltipmain = GUICreate("", 123, 123, $iX, $iY, -2147483648, 128);$WS_POPUP = -2147483648, $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW = 128
   ;Label mit Text erstellen
    $lab = GUICtrlCreateLabel($sText, 3, 3)
    $cgp = ControlGetPos($tooltipmain, "", $lab);Labelgröße rausfinden
    WinMove($tooltipmain, "", $iX, $iY, $cgp[2], $cgp[3]);Gui perfekt formen
   ;Schatten erstellen
    $tooltipshadow = GUICreate("", 123, 123, $iX, $iY, -2147483648, 128);$WS_POPUP = -2147483648, $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW = 128
    WinSetTrans($tooltipshadow, "", 100)
   ;Schatten perfekt formen
    WinMove($tooltipshadow, "", $iX + 3, $iY + 3, $cgp[2], $cgp[3])
    WinSetOnTop($tooltipmain, "", 1)
    WinSetOnTop($tooltipmain, "", 2)
   ;Zeige Tooltip
    GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $tooltipshadow)
    GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $tooltipmain)
   ;Bereite das Return array vor, falls man das Tooltip wider entfernen will
    $RetAr[0] = $tooltipmain
    $RetAr[1] = $tooltipshadow
    Return $RetAr
EndFunc  ;==>_ToolTip

Func _ToolTipDelete($aTooltiphwnd, $smooth = 0)
   ;By GtaSpider
   ;Löscht das tooltip
    If $smooth Then;Wenn smooth wahr ist dann wird ausgeblendet
        For $i = 255 To 0 Step - 10
            WinSetTrans($aTooltiphwnd[0], "", $i)
            If $i < 101 Then WinSetTrans($aTooltiphwnd[1], "", $i)
EndFunc  ;==>_ToolTipDelete


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Sorry for bumping an old thread but I need this even after those years and I guess I am not alone so if you want to use this useful code just remember to delete this line 

WinSetOnTop($tooltipmain, "", 2)

because it breaks the ontop property. Not sure if it worked in 2008... maybe yes.

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